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Search Engine Optimization Monitoring Tips

How Can You Monitor SEO Performance?

Search Engine Optimization is the procedure that helps a website improve its visibility on the web.  Hiring a SEO service provider can boost your web presence, but how should you monitor its effectiveness? What positive return should you be looking for?SEO  growth Large

SEO professionals use several types of tools, software and platforms to make sure your site gets optimized. They should also provide you with a monitoring report displaying their own performance.

There are several ways to determine the output of any website, and one of the most common measuring tools available is Google Analytics.  It is free, and it is powerful. Just include the google analytics coding in each page of your site, and you are good to go.  Once your google analytics account is setup, you will be able to monitor your traffic. This can help you learn more about your visitor’s behavior and measure your SEO performance. Some of the most prominent items you should be monitoring to ensure your SEO is effective are:


Traffic – There are several types of traffic such as organic, paid, referral or search. Analyzing these different traffic types will give you a fair idea about which of your efforts are most productive. For example if your SEO is done right, you should see an increase of organic traffic.


Keyword – Keywords are an important part of SEO, and monitoring them will teach you more about the performance of your website. It is important to know how much traffic you are generating through particular keywords. Look for the particular keywords you are optimizing, and see how much traffic they are bringing to your site.


Conversion rate – Conversion rate is another way of monitoring any website’s performance. For a successful business, it is necessary that your website visitors convert into customers. With the percentage of conversion, you can find out where your website stands.


Result page ranking – To monitor a website’s SEO performance, one can keep the track of its ranking on search engine result pages. Good position indicates the success of your efforts.


Appropriate keywords, good conversion rate, excellent rankings are just a few of the many aspects to measure the SEO performance of a website. Monitoring your website’s performance is an important aspect of marketing, identifying which efforts are working and which ones are not. Ultimately you want to grow the traffic quality of your website and generate qualified leads that will turn into customers. Finding a more focused direction to your marking plans and strategies through SEO will help you achieve your desired results.

Stay on the top with SEO

Why do my competitors come up at the top of the search engine and I don’t? What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? With over 865 million websites in 2014, it is becoming more and more difficult for businesses to stand out from the crowd. Visibility is essential when a prospective client is looking for your products and services on line. How do you get on the first page of a search engines and grab the attention of these new visitors? The answer is Search Engine Optimization, a process that improves your website presence and visibility. From improving site navigation to creating content, SEO service providers will work on your site and with other sites, creating an ecosystems of links, and targeted content for the search engines.  This SEO process will continuously register your site was various social media sites/ blogs/ search engines on a daily basis.

The following are  some key elements to consider when putting your SEO strategy in place:


Initial Search Engine visibility assessment Hire a professional to assess your current web visibility, pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses. You don’t want to start from scratch if you don’t have to.


Easy navigation and web design Set up your site navigation in accordance with search engine criteria. Easy navigation is a must to facilitate search engine identification of your site. Stay away from flash or frame design and use basic HTML links.


Research and analyze keywords It is very important to define the key terms that identify your business. As an example, a web designer would optimize his site locally for key terms like “web design Long Island” or “Long Island web design”. All the key terms that you would like to optimize will need to be analyzed by your SEO provider to make sure they are really terms searched on the web. There is no need to optimize for a term that no one is looking for.


Optimize and target your content Content is king for search engines.  Search engines do not see images or graphics. They are content driven. Make sure to optimize your content and build it around key terms you pick to focus on. Fresh content is a plus, so having a blog on the site is a great way to add fresh targeted content to a site regularly.


Be social Make sure to be active on social media. This is a great way to repurpose content and link viewers back to your site. Search engines favor sites that have connections with social media.


Registration please…. Now that your site is optimized you cannot forget to let the search engines know that you are here.  Your service provider will then index and register your site with the various search engines and directories. As search engines and algorithms are in constant change, it is necessary that your (SEO) provider optimize your site regularly.

E-Marketing: Make sure to pick the expert

E-mail marketing is an inseparable part of every internet-marketing plan. The main objective behind using e-marketing is to get your message out to your subscribers. Communication is the most important part any business, it is critically important to deliver the right message to the right person and of course, at the right time. Hence, it becomes mandatory for you to look for an expert, instead of experimenting everything on your own.
Professional companies use special software, which will provides bulk-mailing services and these e-mails help businesses to develop and maintain a strong relationship with their subscribers.
These companies will give you the access to check and track your messages. They also have techniques and software to track conversions in real time. They will keep you updated about crucial information such as opens, click-through, bounces, spam, unsubscribe and many more. Using Google analytics as an additional option, an experienced marketing service provider will track performance of the entire campaign. They will analyze your campaign completely and if needed, they will quickly change the plan of action accordingly, to ensure that you get a quick ROI from your project.
Hence, if you want to improve your sales and business, you must use the best e-mail marketing services. We are living in a world of internet and you just cannot afford to miss on the communication part with your subscribers.
Make sure that you check their reputation, success rate and plans for action before you make the final call. Cost of the project is equally important; you must ask them for a written quotation along with services included in the package, as it will give you an opportunity to compare it with the other available service providers.

No matter how good products or services you are offering to your customers, there is a need to have a proper communication with your targeted audience. Moreover, if you want to contribute towards paperless society, and want to help the environment, time has come for you to get in touch with an expert to get started.