Email-marketing a “Slam Dunk” not “Spam Junk”

SEO slam dunk

SEO slam dunk

Email-marketing a “Slam Dunk” not “Spam Junk”

With over 3.2 billion email addresses, email has become the preferred method of communication for consumers. It is the most cost effective solution for reaching out to new prospective clients and staying in touch with existing customers.

Some may be concerned that we are already being digitally bombarded, and that promotional emails will end up either in the junk box or deleted. An Econsultancy Study shows that 66% of marketers give email an “Excellent” rating in delivering return on investment versus social media.

For marketers, the key is to be creative and create the right targeted content so the reader will open the email. From branding to lead generation, e-marketing should be key element of every business marketing strategy.

Here are some tips to make your email marketing strategy more effective:

1-     Contacts: Make sure to capture everyone’s email  (customers, prospects)

2-     Content: Don’t just be a self-promoter, educate and offer problem solving solutions

3-     Graphic: Emails with pictures have a higher opening rate

4-     Coding: HTML emails have higher opening rate

5-     Personalize:  Include the recipient’s name

6-     Multi-Screen: Optimize your email for mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms

7-     Frequency: Don’t overdo it, once a week is plenty

8-     Pick the right day and time. Morning and mid-week work best

9-     Test: Always send a sample email to yourself first

10-   Don’t be junked: clean up your email list

11-   Don’t spam: Make sure to have an unsubscribe link in each email you send

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