Marketing Strategy

iPlan4U – Marketing Strategy

Let us conceive the most effective, customized marketing approach for your brand. Finding the right balance of traditional communications and e-marketing is essential for the success of your business.

Depending on your budget, your audience, and the type of products/services you are bringing to the market, iMarket4U will help you put the right strategy and most pertinent messaging together.

Our Services Include:

  • Marketing Assessment
  • Market Research
  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Product Positioning

Marketing Assessment
From Traditional to Digital marketing, Imarket4U will review your company existing efforts, make the appropriate recommendations and put together a strategy to increase your market visibility.

Market research
To run a successful business and develop the right marketing strategy you will need to learn more about the market you are serving. IMarket4U will help you gather information about your market targets, customers and competitors in order for you to build and maintain your edge in this competitive world.

Developing a company image that will differentiate you from the competition is an essential step for building a successful business. Whether it is a display sign, a logo , a word or a tagline,  your brand should reflect the nature of your business and bring confidence for your prospects. From website, advertising design to brochures,  a consistent branding across all your  marketing material is a must and our team will help you to develop the right image for your business.

Messaging and marketing content
A well-developed content Marketing and messaging strategy will establish a long term trust and relationship with prospect and customers. Any marketing content created will need to be educational and/or entertaining and respond to the key issue that customers and prospect are interacting with. From understanding your audience, creating the content, timing the release and monitoring the ROI, iMarket4U is there to assist you.

Products & Services Positioning
Finding the right positioning for your company, brand or a product is vital to survive in this competitive market. IMarket4U can help you defining your niche market, customer type and key  elements that differentiate you from other companies so you can better position your offering.