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Marketing: Going Digital or Traditional ?

The internet has revolutionized the world of marketing, expanding the reach of messaging beyond traditional print media and television, directly to the ever present smartphone in the consumer’s pocket. This extensive reach increases access to an intended audience but also increases the level of competition for attention. A well designed website with targeted content is important, but so is visibility and accessibility. Social media, e-Blasts, e-Marketing, SEO, website analytics, promotional videos are all tools driving sales, building and developing new contacts with potential customers. These tools compliment and optimize the full benefits of traditional marketing strategies such as tradeshows, both increasing traffic at events and maintaining relationships afterwards. Targeted print and television publicity and press coverage can still be important to your particular market, and web visibility can expand the reach of this type of coverage as well. Finding the right balance of traditional communications and e-marketing is essential for success.
Depending on your budget, your audience and the type of products/services you are bringing to the market, iMarket4U welcome the opportunity to help you develop a successful integrated marketing strategy.

Specialties: integrated marketing campaigns, trade show logistics, branding, website search engine optimization, analytics, corporate integration, messaging, managing corporate events, brand development, product launch, public relations, and analyst relations

Social Media for B2B

Social media for B2B. Today the world of social media is booming.  With Facebook’s latest milestone of 1Billion mobile users, social media has become the top internet activity,  where the American’s people spend an average of 37 minutes a day. All this traffic and human interaction is a prime location for the B2C marketers to reach and listen to their audience. Social media is the place where consumers will share with friends their experiences with various products and services. But what about the role of the social media in the B2B environment? It has become more and more noticeable that businesses are using social media to reach out to other businesses. Today about 87% of the B2B companies are using social media to promote their business. How do they use it? Most of them use the social media platform for brand awareness, social sharing, build website traffic and building trust with customers and followers. It is Also interesting to note that a small portion of these companies use social media to gain market intelligence on their competitors. According research made in 2013 by Shareaholic, Facebook was the most popular for social media traffic referral . In 2013 Facebook drove 21.25% of all traffic websites receive. Pinterest came in 2nd at just over 7% of all traffic, although its share of traffic has grown by 48% since December. Twitter continues to trail behind with a 1% share of all website traffic. B2B marketers clearly favor the “big three” social networks as marketing tools. Of those who use social media for demand generation; 80% use Facebook, 78% use Twitter and 51% use LinkedIn. LinkedIn,  ‘the professional social network,’ trails behind the “big three” despite figures suggesting that it is almost 300% more effective than Facebook and Twitter for lead generation. For small businesses, time is one of the main obstacles for being fully active with the social media. They see the benefits of being involved with it but they feel that it will take them away from their day to day activities…. How much time and effort are you putting on the social media?iMarket4u can help and manage the behind the scenes for you……